Bridging Biodiversity and Conservation Science

The Bridging Biodiversity and Conservation Science group (BBCS) is a cross-campus initiative that addresses the interdisciplinary scientific and societal grand challenges associated with developing and implementing the emerging transitions needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change. To do this, the BBCS links campus strengths in conservation, human health biodiversity, and societal well-being.

Since 2017 the program has mentored postdoctoral researchers through collaborative, interdisciplinary teams creating novel synthetic research in:

Global Biodiversity    &    Conservation Science

while cultivating diverse expertise in various fields including:


Public Policy

Emerging Diseases



Public Health

Public Administration

National Security



The BBCS leverages strengths from across the University of Arizona campus to: 

  • Forecast the future of biodiversity in support of human well-being including health and food, environmental, and national security;
  • Develop cutting edge research that addresses key challenges in biodiversity science at the intersection of public health and environmental security, food security, and national security;
  • Train and mentor the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers and leaders (postdocs and Assistant Professors); and
  • Engage with broader environmental research initiatives across campus.


The BBCS is comprised of a team of postdoctoral researchers, core faculty, and other affiliated researchers that identified, through a series of workshops, several cross-cutting research projects that use biodiversity as a focal point for interdisciplinary investigations.



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Webinar Speakers & Bios

This year’s BBCS webinar approached the issue of global sustainable development in the face of climate change and natural degradation from the standpoint of harmonious co-existence of the natural ecosystems and humans. Guest speakers will be followed by a panel Q & A moderated by BBCS Co-Director Dr. Brian Enquist. 


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