Projects & Papers

Funded projects and papers resulting from the collaborative BBCS network


  • NSF HDR: Collaborative Research: Near term forecasts of global plant distribution, community structure, and ecosystem function (2019)
  • NSF CNH2-L: Solving grand challenges in coupled natural human systems: predicting effective governance strategies for management invasive species (2019 Recommended for funding)
  • NSF RIDIR: Collaborative Research: A data science platform and mechanisms for its sustainability (2018)
  • NSF CNH-L: Revealing the hidden ecoclimate teleconnections between forest and agriculture in the US enables novel governance strategies for a telecoupled world (2018)


  • Feng, X, Merow, C, Liu, Z, Park, DS, Roehrdanz, PR, Maitner, B, Newman, EA, Boyle, BL, Lien, A, Burger, JR, Pires, MM, Brando, PM, Bush, MB, McMichael, CNH, Neves, DM, Nikologoulos, EI, Saleska, SR, Hannah, L, Breshears, DD, Evans, TP, Soto, JR, Ernst, KC, Enquist, BJ. (2021). How deregulation, drought and increasing fire impact Amazonian biodiversity. Nature .
  • Park, DS, X Feng, BS Maitner, KC Ernst, BJ Enquist (2020). Darwin’s naturalization conundrum can be explained by spatial scale. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Feng, X, H Qiao, & BJ Enquist (2020). Doubling demands in programming skills call for ecoinformatics education. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment18(3), 123-124.
  • Burger, JR, RP Anderson, MA Balk, TS Fristoe (2019). A Constraint-based model of Dynamic Island Biogeography: environmental history and species traits predict hysteresis in populations and communities. Frontiers of Biogeography. e44383, 11.3.
  • Enquist, BJ, X Feng, B Boyle, B Maitner, EA Newman, PM Jørgensen, PR Roehrdanz, BM Theirs, JR Burger, RT Corlett, TLP Couvreur, G Dauby, JC Donoghue, W Foden, JC Lovett, PA Marquet, C Merow, G Midgley, N Morueta-Holme, DM Neves, AT Oliveira-Filho, NJB Kraft, DS Park, RK Peet, M Pillet, JM Serra-Diaz, B Sandel, M Schildhauer, I Šímová, C Violle, JJ Wieringa, SK Wiser, L Hannah, JC Svenning, BJ McGill (2019). The commonness of rarity: global and future distribution across the land plants. Science Advances 5(11), eaaz0414.
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  • Bethard, S, E Laparra, S Wang, Y Zhao, R Al-Ghezi, AM Lien, L López-Hoffman (2019). Inferring missing metadata from environmental policy texts. June 2019, Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Technologies for the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities. Minneapolis, MN.
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  • Johnson, M, AM Lien, L López-Hoffman (2018). Barriers associated with the Environmental Quality Improvement Program: Case study on the Hopi Indian Reservation. Ecosystem Services.
  • Haefele, M, J Loomis, R Merideth, AM Lien, J Dubovsky, WE Thogmartin, J Diffendorfer, D Humburg, K Bagstad, BJ Mattsson, R Wiederholt, D Semmens, and L López-Hoffman (2018). Willingness to Pay for Conservation of Transborder Migratory Species: A Case Study of the Mexican Free-tailed Bat in the United States and Mexico. Environmental Management.