Faculty & Staff

Christine Schirmer


Liz Baldwin, Public Policy & Governance

David Breshears, Watershed Management and Ecohydrology

Brian Enquist, Biodiversity Science

Kacey Ernst, Public Health & Epidemiology

Laura López-Hoffman, Ecosystem Services & Public Policy

José Soto, Ecology, Management, and Restoration of Rangelands



Christine Schirmer, Manager


BBCS Steering Committee

Greg Barron-Gafford, Geography & Environmental Studies

Kirk Emerson, Public Policy & Governance

George Frisvold, Agricultural Economics

Gary Nabhan, Ethnobotany & Food Security

Kristen Pogreba-Brown, Public Health & Epidemiology

Stephanie Carroll Rainie, Public Health & Indigenous Nations Data Sovereignty

Christopher Scott, Geography, Public Policy, & Food-Energy-Water Security